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by The Hammer

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Recorded in our rehearsal space
Mixed by ourselves and Per Palmqvist
Artwork by Jacob Bondesson


released October 7, 2015



all rights reserved


The Hammer Gothenburg, Sweden

Vocals - Björn
Guitar - Gabriel
Bass - Gustaf
Drums - Per

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Track Name: Dead At Birth
Taught to work
Work to fit in
Work to contribute
or be left out
Mindless tasks
just to keep me busy
So I won’t realize that I am

Dead at birth

Systematic pressure
rips our souls apart
Our lives are already over
from the fucking start

Dead at birth
Track Name: Can't Win
Problems, problems
Never ending problems
Seems like I can’t win

Problems, problems
Never ending problems
Just when I was out
they pulled me back in

Let me leave
I’ve had enough
Don’t seem to matter what I do
but this is not what I want

My will being broken
All my hopes being crushed
The only feeling left
is one of pure disgust
Track Name: Random Acts Of Violence
Constant state of fear
People trying to gain ground
It’s us against each other
No help to be found

The state will protect you
There’s no bigger lie
It’s eat or get eaten
The weak are left to die

Flood the streets

Random acts of violence
There’s nowhere you can hide
The vermin flood the streets
You’ll be swallowed
Swallowed by the tide