by The Hammer

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Recorded at Fuck Life Studio.
Mixed and mastered by Fred Hunger.
Artwork by Jacob Bondesson.


released March 15, 2014



all rights reserved


The Hammer Gothenburg, Sweden

Vocals - Björn
Guitar - Gabriel
Bass - Gustaf
Drums - Per

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Track Name: Intro / Is This Life?
Born a slave, born to produce
Not a person, just something to use

Each day the same with nothing to learn
Just to survive I have to spend all I earn

Being forced, I have no control
Been working my whole life and still got nothing to show

Dying inside, wishing for the noose
If this is my life I've got nothing to lose
Track Name: Comprehension
Don't pat me on the back, don't tell me it's fine
You just keep to yours and I'll keep to mine

You say you understand what I've been through
You've been here for two minutes, so how the fuck could you?

I don't know what you're playing, but it's all in vain
One more word from your mouth and I'll blow my fucking brains

You understand who I am? And know what I've been through?
You wouldn't last a minute in my fucking shoes

Fuck you
Track Name: Born To Lose
We roam the streets
Looking for someone to blame

We keep on acting out
The only way we know how

Feel so helpless
Anger building
I'm gonna blow, at slightest touch

You never understood
We got this from home

Our hate we inherit
It's all about where we are from

Forced into this pattern
Resisting was no use
Kids like us have no chance
Born, born to fucking lose