No Escape

by The Hammer

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Recorded at Fuck Life Studio
Mixed by Fred Hunger
Artwork by Jacob Bondesson


released October 16, 2014



all rights reserved


The Hammer Gothenburg, Sweden

Vocals - Björn
Guitar - Gabriel
Bass - Gustaf
Drums - Per

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Track Name: All Will End
Spend my life like a rat, trying to survive
Been asking myself why I'm even alive
Life was not meant to be this way
I've wanted to end this, every single day

Primal feeling, I'm breaking my cage
No guilt, no exceptions, selfdestruction in rage
Run for cover, there's nothing to mend
I'm way past redemption, tonight all will end

You think it's not real, that it's all a game
I'll bring your world down upon you
Because you're all the fucking same
Track Name: A New Low
Living a dream
Wake up, take the hit
Reality comes crashing
It's time to smell the shit

Life is not fucking sweet
You're about to feel the heat

Thought you've seen some bad places
I'll show you a new low
Wipe the smug from your face
Blow, by blow, by blow
Track Name: Freezing To Death
Your world is a fraud and it's worst time is now
There're supposed to be good things, but I don't see how

All I see I despise
I don't wanna take part, I'll stay here outside

On the edge of exhaustion, can't catch my breath
Out in the cold, freezing to death

Leave me alone
Track Name: Walk Away
Pretty words, heard all before
It was gonna be different, thought I saw something more
How could you think you had what it takes
Deep down inside, you must have known that you're fake

You're a gimmick, nothing but lies
Take a look at yourself, you're empty inside

You never wanted this, always went with the grain
Turn your back, walk away
I'll stand alone once again
Track Name: No Escape
Repeating the same mistakes, over and over
Always end up losing, nothing ever changes

No escape
My own worst enemy
Can't seem to stop myself
I struggle helplessly
Track Name: Already Dead
For as long as I can remember, you've been running
It's come to the point where you're killing yourself,
rather than face your own fears

Is this what you call life?

You turned your back
Left for something worse
It was always more important for you to keep on moving
You think you're ahead,
but to me you're already dead
Track Name: Obsolete
I'll never move on, never settle the score
Always on my mind, I can't take it anymore
The life that you gave me showed me nothing but spite
Nightmares repeated
Night, after night, after night

I can't see a future

I'm so stuck in the past
I feel fucking obsolete
Track Name: Better Things To Do
Say it again, how many times you'd like
It doesn't make it true, it's still a fucking lie
You've never had a setback, so what do you know
No more advise, I've got better things to do

Stay away from me, I don't want you as a friend
Your efforts give me nothing, it's all the same in the end